Recent Speakers

January - Bletchley Park Valerie Young
February - Battle of Hastings James Porter
May - Magic Paul Hyland
June - Aviation in Poole Bay Kevin Patience
January - It started with a kiss the story of Dylan Thomas Brian and Jaqueline Sutton

February - My Role as HM Coroner for Dorset

Sheriff Payne
May - Transported for the Rest of Your Natural Life Mike Randall
June - Accidents that changed our railways Mike Webber
July - Artist with samples Debbie Underhill
August - Early dynasties and first Emperor of Ancient China Neil Meldrum
September - Bishops, Sex and money Tony Stafford
NovemberCrazy Maurice The Family Morris Minor Martyn McCarthy
January - Final Flight of Bomber PB848  James Porter
February - Ghosts, Royals and Ferrymen  Brian Margetson
March - Treasures of the deep Kevin Patience
May - Murder, Mystery and Mayhem Shirley Critchley
June - Big bang/Volcanos
Chris Marshall
JulyFour Centuries of the Bankes Family David Beardsley
August - Late flowering lyricist Miranda Pender 
September -  The investigation into the fatal Harrier craft Geoffrey H L Glover
November - Ghosts Of Wimborne Malcolm Angel

During the Covid pandemic we had monthly zoom meetings.

These included quizzes, updates from our members on their working lives in various industries and a limerick competition. We restarted in August, meeting at a new venue, Broadstone Golf Club.

AugustThe Wimborne Workhouse was the topic for Janet Seal

September - The A6 murder was the topic for Paul Stickler

October - Mysterious Life of Walter Henry was the topic for Howard Nichols

November - The Holy Grail in America was the topic for Richard Hutley


January - New Forest Wood was the topic for Gale Gould

February - Forensics was the topic for Gez Mellors

March - Brownsea in wartime was the topic for Catherine Neyland


January - The Pun is mightier than the sword was the topic for Ralph Jerram

February - The Man Who Never Was was the topic for Kevin Patience

March - Enigma was the topic for Alan Watson

May - Botswana was the topic for Colin Grafton

June - History of Brownsea Island was the topic for Catherine Neyland 

July - The History of Crime Writing was the topic for Bob Sharpe

August - Poole through the ages was the topic for Ray Joyce

September -The Krays was the topic for Paul Stickler

October - In the wake of the Cockleshell Heroes was the topic for Sandra & Roger Downton

November - A time to reflect was the topic for Paul Sturgess


January - Tale of the Real Robinson Crusoe was the topic for Nick Hawkins

February - The Air France Disasters was the topic for Kevin Patience

May - Inspiration from Trecso Abbey Gardens was the topic for Ben Turner

July - The Social History of Bletchley Park was the topic for Valerie Young

August - History of Poole Hospital was the topic for Sandra Yeoman

October - From Stourhead to Stanpit was the topic for Ron Taylor

November - Ulster Defence Force was the topic for Mike Godwin


January - Trekking the World was the topic for Pam Smith

February-  History Of Sound Recording, Rise and Fall of the 78 was the topic for John Goslin

March - Walking around Dorset was the topic for Richard Mockridge

May - The Poole Connection - Australian Gold was the topic for Ian Andrews

June - Humour in the Courts was the topic for John Slow

July - London Underground was the topic for Steve Roberts

August - Sweet & Sour - story of Sugar was the topic for Ron Taylor

September -Treasures of Dorset was the topic for Chris Legrand

October - Swanage Railway magazine was the topic for Geoffrey Charters

November - The Castleman Corkscrew was the topic for Ian Dickins


January - My Life & Times at Harrods was the topic for Robin Cook

February - Hengistbury Head - Past Present & Future was the topic for Steve Roberts

March - Wimborne in Saxon Times was the topic for Janet Seal

May - Astronomy... a tour of the universe was the topic for Ian Smith

June - SOE and SAS in Colditz was the topic for Major Joe West

July - Norway's Fabulous Fjords

August - Magic - Ancient and Modern was the topic for Alan Chitty

September - Lunatic Line (EA Railways) was the topic for Kevin Patience

October - Cold War, Hot Place was the topic for Stephen Robson

November - Oh for Books' Sake was the topic for Bryan Pinchin

December - Mr Selfridge - Fact & Fiction was the topic for Steve Roberts


January - Falmouth to India in a flat bottomed Boat was recounted by Arthur Fairchild

February - Ian Fleming and James Bond was Kathy McNally's topic 

March - Bridge over the River Kwai was the topic for Kevin Patience

May - Narrow boat around London was the topic for John Jones 

June - Fun & Foibles in Changing Radio Times was presented by Roger Brooks

July - Battle of Britain over Dorset was the topic for John Smith

August - Memories of the RNLI was presented by Cdr Brian Miles

September - Words and sayings Part 2 was the topic for Derek Fones

October - ... Not forgetting the 9th.... was the topic for Sylvia Fox

November - D-Day, Studland & Poole's Involvement was the topic for David Warhurst


January - Paul Sturgess give a slide show on 'A Year through the Lens'

February - Mike Phipp presented the History of Hurn Airport

March - Mike Webber presented on Seaside Railways

May - Phil Holt gave a talk on The Crowded Sky - the work of the Air Traffic Control College

June - Robin Miller made a return visit to tell us about Meteorite Impacts

July - Brian Jackson, a local author, gave a talk on Railways Around Wimborne

August - The Roman Army at Lake Farm was the subject for a presentation by John Smith

September - The History of Bournemouth Fire Brigade was Eric M Watson's topic

October - WW2 (Bomber Command) was presented by Roger Morgan

November - Churchyard Yews was an update by Mark Tinsley


January - Nick Gosney presented on the Sandbanks Ferry

February - Jeremy Walters presented on Parkstone, Salterns and Flying Boats

March - Mrs E Doswell give a talk on 'Experience of a Wartime Brewer'

May - John James gave us the History of Wine

June - Keith Armstrong presented on 'My life as a Jockey'

July - David Warhurst gave a History of ROF Poole

August - Ron Taylor gave a History of the Spice Trade

September - Peter Heam presented on Brownsea Island

October - Roger Emmerson talked about the Civil War In Dorset

November - Pete Yeoman presented on The Yacht Lively Lady